Kangen water is a brand name for alkaline water.  This is said to be a healthier version of water because it helps create a healthy pH balance, contains antioxidants, assists in cleansing the colon and detoxifying the body, and can help improve hydration at the cellular level.

It is generated through a unique process of electrolysis that takes regular tap water and then separates it into two halves.  The first half of the water that is separated out is made up of HO molecules that are acidic, while the second half of the separated water is alkaline.  The manufacturers of Kangen water tout this alkaline water as a healthy alternative to regular drinking water.  The remaining acidic water is used for other applications, such as for skin care.

The general idea behind alkaline water is that the body requires a pH balance.  In other words, both acidic and alkaline substances are needed to achieve the proper body balance so that the body can function properly.  Some of the bodily functions affected include processing foods that are eaten, repair, and so on.  However, many of the thingss we eat and drink are acidic, which means that our bodies are often out of balance.  By including Kangen water, or alkaline drinking water in our diets it is thought that a better pH balance can be achieved.

Antioxidants help to neutralize the free radicals that can damage our system and can help with detoxification.  Another benefit that is explored with alkaline water such as Kangen water is that the water molecules themselves are in smaller groups than the molecule groups in ordinary tap water.  This means that the smaller groups of molecules in the alkaline water can reach the individual cells better so that cellular dehydration does not occur.

Kangen water machines are designed for home use so that the average person can reap the benefits of the alkaline water.  Many people agree that there are health benefits to increasing alkalinity in the diet and suggest that alkaline water could be part of a healthy lifestyle.